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LaFleur & Laborde represents both large and small employers in both the public and private sectors as well as labor organizations, contractors, and individual employees on a wide variety of labor and employment issues.

We provide assistance with employee policy review and implementation, employee contracts, non-competition agreements, regulatory and compliance issues, drug testing, employee handbooks, workplace investigations and audits, wage and hour compliance, leave and benefits coordination, and disciplinary actions.  We also provide defense of Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA, ADEA, OSHA, and comparable state and municipal law litigation.

LaFleur and Laborde brings experience and knowledge to the ever changing and increasingly complex world of labor and employment law and human resources management with an eye towards effective and efficient implementation of nationally recognized best practices whether the client is a start-up “mom and pop” shop or a multigenerational, multinational conglomerate.