About the Firm

Eric LaFleur

Stephanie B. Laborde

The genesis of LaFleur & Laborde was like-minded founding partners who share the same underlying philosophy regarding professionalism and ethics. 

The attorneys and staff at LaFleur & Laborde are talented, experienced and distinguished by their professional, academic and civic accomplishments. Firm attorneys serve as adjunct professors and guest lecturers, many are top law school graduates and regularly named to top lawyer lists.  

With top credentialed attorneys, the stage is set for success, but only with adherence to important workflows can a firm provide cost-effective legal representation to its client. At LaFleur & Laborde, clients get responsive, informed and knowledgeable legal professionals.  With high-quality legal counsel, a talented staff and the latest  technology on hand, LaFleur & Laborde responds quickly to initial inquiries and promptly follows up with substantive responses to clients' legal issues.  We work with clients every day to ensure compliance with the law and government regulatory schemes, to adopt best practices to mitigate against liability, and to craft agreements and contracts that provide certainty and avoid the costs of the unexpected.  The firm's work helps sustain and secure the success and the profitability of its clients.

Just as diligent communication leads to a more timely and cost-effective final disposition in a matter, so does a firm culture of cooperation and collaboration. Egos and attorney interplay disrupt and stifle the free flow of ideas and legal  analysis.  In contrast, a collaborative firm culture facilitates broad-based analysis and discussion; it is the single best environment for achieving results. 

With a strong collaborative environment, Eric LaFleur and Stephanie B. Laborde established a results-oriented firm that brings together a team of skillful attorneys supported by innovative technologies to provide its clients the best possible results and positive return on investment.  

LaFleur & Laborde bring a positive return to clients who invest in the firm's professionals, practice and approach.

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